Because your content needs to tell your story

Ludejo is a content creation and translation company. We offer copywriting, technical documentation, recording of audio files, subtitles, voice-overs and translation services. We have an experienced team of linguists, copywriters, content creators and engineers and work in accordance with international quality standards.


The transfer of information and knowledge so that it can be available to, and understood by, everyone regardless of location, language field, educational level and culture.


That by 2020, Ludejo will be an innovative quality provider of communication services, from translation, copywriting and technical documentation to the production of state-of-the-art audio-visual content, from webinars and instructional videos, to podcasts, animations and marketing campaigns, while making the best use of available technologies best suited to needs of our current and future clients.

We Offer a Wide Range of Language Services

Ludejo is your partner for all language services. Whether you need translation, editing, proofreading, transcreation, subtitling, or dubbing; or entirely new content, we have you covered.

Founded in 2017, Ludejo  is staffed by a creative team of people with years of experience all across the language services industry.

We are dedicated to understanding what you do; your mission, your area of expertise, and your company, institution, or foundation. We will help you bridge any communication gaps with your clients, partners, colleagues, and audience by creating content, translating target texts or audio files, in order to help you grow and have your message understood, anywhere in the world.

Malon Hamoen-Giraldi - CEO & Founder

"Ludejo has been built on a foundation of love. We love our profession, our clients, and our team. We love discovering new solutions, new ideas, and new possibilities. We are not afraid of adopting unconventional methods in order to help our clients. We are socially engaged and always remember the human element at the center of everything. We are partners. This love is our motivation."

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