Why playing (at work) motivates.

Why playing (at work) motivates.

While working in my room at Ludejo, I heard loud laughters in the other office. Of course intrigued I took a look to see what was going on. My colleagues were playing a game! They had made a small ball of aluminium foil, which they tried to throw into a bin for 25 points, a flower pot for 30 points, a large vase for 50 and a small vase for 70 points. Of course there was not much needed to make me join their game.

We have had a nice first month at Ludejo. We all are in highest state of readiness, constantly thinking about what we can do best and how to approach the market and deal with trends (or set them). It’s a relief to just play a game and laugh together. We all are such a great team, the atmosphere is so well. We care.

Remember? We started with a blank page a little more then a month ago. Would you dare doing that? The blank page was there to show us how everything could be new, even with the experience we all have. Do we go too far? Perhaps, but if we wouldn’t give it a shot, we’ll never know what is worth the risk and what not… We’re at the top of our game, we need to look at the blank page to feel inspired again and we need to play to stay balanced.

I have been thinking, practically all my life: only if I risk going too far, I’ll know what is really possible to achieve…

This weekend I have been visiting Amsterdam. I live very close to the city, it only took me 20 minutes by train to be at the beautifully designed train station of Amsterdam. In the “Beurs van Berlage“, there is an exposition about Leonardo da Vinci I liked to visit. What is it that we find so great about this man? We all do think he was an extraordinary person, right? I tell you what I appreciate about him: he never stopped playing. That’s the way he could be the inventor he was to my opinion. He worked, oh yes, but never in a framework that was too narrow for him. He needed to have space, to work, to think, to play, to disappear at times, to do research, to paint, to invent, to travel, to watch. He wanted to be free and that he was. Poor (in terms of money) at some times, but never as poor (in terms of value) as he would be if he would have been in a more ‘normal’ and ‘stable’ life.

At the exposition.

What was very much fun there was that most of the inventions of Leonardo, we were allowed to try and play with. Everything was more or less about motion, speed, weights. Loved it very much!

The more fun, the easier our brains process new knowledge…

At Ludejo, which means “open space to play”, we deliver language services like translation, localisation and transcreation. We have experience in that area and now we use with those skills to explore another area besides this: e-Learning. For me the question arises constantly when I think about learning (no matter at what age this learning process takes place): learning should be something natural, right? What is more natural than joy? To play and find joy has a lot to do with being curious. Being curious says nothing, by the way, about your intelligence. I even dare to say that if you aren’t curious at all, you’ll be having a hard time learning new skills or getting new knowledge.

Leonardo da Vinci - genius with wings

Wasn’t it Leonardo da Vinci’s curiosity what made him a genius?

Out of curiosity people play. They try, they experiment: does it work like this? No… Does it work like that? No… Does it work this way? Yes! And from there there’s a way to move on, to the next adventure… Besides the fact Leonardo da Vinci was a very talented painter and a gifted sculptor, he was a playful man, which is what made him an inventor as well. He was curious and that quality made him do research. He invented things we all still use (for example ball bearings, which we use in our machineries and cars). He played with wings and wanted us humans to learn how to fly. He was fearless (or so it seems), at least his hunger for freedom was much bigger than his possible fears.

Leonardo made a life containing different areas: being an inventor, doing (medical) research, being a sculptor and he was a painter. The Mona Lisa is one of his most famous pieces of art. The balance in his life between thinking, acting, feeling, creating, building, dreaming, makes him an example for me I like to keep reminding myself of.

I don’t know about you, but I need beauty in my life, to balance the rational part of me. Beauty makes me feel part of a bigger picture, beauty brings me peace. A beautiful painting or listening to a music piece from Rachmaninov’s hand, touches my heart. One can’t be without the other. Playing and inventing, beauty and solving complexe challenges, laughing and creating, thinking and acting, feeling and building, etcetera…

We need to light up different areas in our life to create, to think, to process, to invent.

So the lasts weeks we achieved a lot, processed our first orders and are open for more clients we may help with their challenges entering new markets or make their wish come true to have their staff trained by using e-Learning or tailor made training. We had interesting converations with possible partners and we are looking very much forward to what is coming in the next couple of weeks. We are very happy to have Andrew Hickson joining our team since June 1! Great news he is here!

Last but not least I like to share that Ludejo isn’t only a playground to learn and invent for our team and create and build for our clients. We have been accredited to be a place to learn for students. So we’d like to invite students to do their traineeship or internship at our place and learn with us!

Wishing you all a wonderful and playful week!

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Founder of Ludejo BV Vertalingen/Translation, Localisation & e-Learning Freeedom, fair business, staying open minded, being aware of all great things (ideas) nature and the world offers us, caring for people and life itselves. Those are important values for me. Playing with energy, solving problems and making something totally new or different from a situation others call ' a lost case'. But most of all: whatever I do, I'll give 100%, I'll enjoy every minute as much as possible and give full energy to projects and people.