Let’s have a closer look at some of the trends and developments that we’ll definitely be seeing more of in 2020. 

Although January is behind us, I think it’s safe to say that we’re still at the start of 2020. A new year with new possibilities and opportunities. And pitfalls, but let’s not worry about those for now. Instead, let’s have a closer look at some of the trends and developments that we’ll definitely be seeing more of in 2020. The five tips and trends that I’ll be sharing with you are based on predictions made by the British trendwatcher David Shah. These tips aren’t just for people who work in the language industry, but can be applied to all types of businesses. So, please make sure to share this article with your clients and colleagues. :)


Tip 1. Focus on your strengths

This tip might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn how often companies and entrepreneurs get this one wrong. Our society is changing, and as a company it’s important to keep up. Nowadays, it seems like everything is possible, and this realisation opened up many doors that remained closed in the past, not just for companies and entrepreneurs, but for people in general. However, aside from new business opportunities, more possibilities also mean that you have to make choices, which can lead to insecurity and confusion. Because if everything’s possible, how do you decide what it is you really want? An overload of options can be quite daunting for consumers, but also complicates things for companies and entrepreneurs. For example, if you own a donut shop, you might want to expand your business and start selling 20 new types of donuts on top of the 20 types you already sold. If you have the funds, why not? It’s a nice way to increase your profit, right? Maybe, but the effect might turn out quite different from what you expected or hoped for. Consumers nowadays are more critical than ever: they only want the best of the best. Consequently, it might be a better idea to focus on perfecting the products you are currently selling, rather than adding extra products or services to sell via your business. People won’t come back to your shop for 40 types of mediocre donuts. They will, however, come back if your strawberry-flavoured frosted donuts are one in a million. More isn’t always better, and sometimes it’s better to focus on quality rather than quantity.


Tip 2. Focus on wellbeing and personal development

A very positive development which, coincidentally, resonates with Ludejo’s core values, is the expanding focus on wellbeing and personal growth. Gradually, the focus of consumers is shifting from exterior to interior: self-care and health are important themes that will remain relevant in 2020. As a company, there are several ways in which you can respond to this development. One way might be by investing in ways to enhance your employees’ overall wellbeing. That way, you are effectively killing two birds with one stone: your employees will be happier and healthier (and in an ideal situation they will, consequently, be more productive) and your efforts will contribute to the process of creating a more positive image towards your potential clients. Tip: you might want to share this article with your boss and, afterwards, during the next company meeting, casually mention that there’s scientific evidence which shows that an office jacuzzi contributes to lowering employees’ stress levels. :) Anything to ensure the employees’ wellbeing, right?

Tip 3. Think small

Not what you were expecting, am I right? Minimalism isn’t new, but it is something we’ll be seeing more of in 2020. No fuss, but a focus on functionality and the essence of your business. Which, frankly, is quite refreshing after a year in which everything had to be over the top. Remember, for example, those big freakshakes that were a big hype on Instagram: gigantic milkshakes with an overload of different toppings such as sprinkles, multi-coloured candy and whipped cream. Excesses like that are on their way out, so for 2020, focus on your goals and skip all the unnecessary nonsense. Apart from jacuzzis of course, because jacuzzis obviously don’t fit into the category ‘unnecessary nonsense.’ :)

Tip 4. Focus on sustainability

Another important theme in 2020: sustainability. The call for sustainable production predominantly comes from generation Z: they want to make sure they do a better job at preserving the planet than previous generations. This group is already an important target audience for companies and (online) marketeers, and this won’t change in 2020. Thus, it is important for companies and entrepreneurs to adjust their operations and to pay more attention to climate-neutral production. Let’s hope this isn’t a temporary trend, but a development which we can maintain in the long term. And while each small initiative will not resolve the problem in itself, every little bit helps, and together we can definitely make a change for a better future.

Tip 5. Focus on authenticity and honesty

Authenticity will remain important in 2020, but the real focal point is honesty. Consumers want to see companies with their hearts in the right place. No tricks, no lies, but honesty and openness. A good example is the Swedish beer brand Carlsberg . They launched a campaign in the UK in which they claimed to be the best beer brand in the world. That message didn’t sit well with the British audience, and, consequently, Carlsberg came up with a new campaign in which they, with a bit of dry humour, offered their apologies. A clever move which enabled them to recapture the audience’s goodwill. The lesson we can draw from this example: don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes and work hard to correct them. Also, while we’re on the subject of mistakes, make sure to check out our podcast That Could Have Gone Better  in which our marketing manager Andrew Hickson encourages his guests to share their most embarrassing memories and most shameful blunders. We’re all human after all. :)

And that concludes the five tips and trends, I hope you found them useful or inspirational. If you need further advice on the subject of (online) marketing and communication, we’d be happy to help. We offer real advice and genuine guidance. If you want more information or if you want to talk about consultancy, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us via pm@ludejo.eu.