About Us

Ludejo was founded on the 1st of May 2017, by Malon Hamoen-Giraldi. The word Ludejo means “playground”. Of course we take our work seriously, but if there is the freedom to explore, try something new, be flexible and offer tailored solutions, to align with our clients, then – we believe – we can satisfy our clients more often and will keep developing within ourselves and maybe even (re-)discover ourselves.

The team is comprised of individuals who all have experience in the language industry; from the administrative assistant to the project manager and from the Office Manager to the Business Development Manager. Everybody has worked in the language industry and understands what this entails.

Ludejo was founded to cover a wider area. We believe that we can connect people, companies, (educational) institutions and information flows by connecting the correct language (taking culture and location into account) to the appropriate knowledge sources. Connections are created when people understand one another. We want to be the link here by offering e-learning, training, lectures, translations, transcreation and localization.