At Home With Ludejo

In the first edition of “At Home With Ludejo”, our marketing manager Andrew Hickson talks a little about his experience working from home.

With most people resigned to the inevitable need to work from home (where possible) we have decided to give a little insight into how we are managing to do it. We have been working from home since the 6th of October after enjoying a relaxing of the regulations over the summer months. Over the next few weeks various members of the Ludejo staff will share some of their personal experiences with working from home. 

First up is our marketing manager, Andrew Hickson. 

  1. What was your first thought when you heard we were going back into lockdown?

My first thought was that it makes sense. Of all the people working in the country, the easiest group to ask to “help out” are the people who can work from home. We have a very privileged position. So many people and companies do not have the luxury of being able to work from home. 

  1. How do you find working from home?

I quite enjoy it. I’m a bit of an introvert at work – I tend to get lost in projects – in a good way. So sitting in my office at home, I can lock out everything else and disappear in a job. Now, there are times this might not be the healthiest way to work… but it works for me. 

  1. What does your workplace at home look like?

I have a small office which has everything I need. There is a set of shelves with books on one side of the room, and a set with administration and audio visual equipment on the other. I have my usual computer set-up and I have the full mobile audio booth set up. We record voice-overs and instructions for a few companies. The current situation has meant we are not able to invite voice artists to our offices. It’s also not possible for me to bring the mobile audio booth to them. All recordings have to happen with the equipment the voice artists possess themselves. I then spend a little time editing and formatting files so they are ready for our clients. 

  1. What are the differences between an “office day” and working from home?

The biggest difference really is that when I go to the office I spend 2 hours to 2 and half hours in the car. (To and from the office). I tend to work longer days when I am working from home, but the days I go to the office end later. 

  1. What do you miss most about working at the office? 

I miss the chats with other people in the team. In marketing I have regular contact with some people, but for the same reason there are quite a few people I have little to no contact with. It’s also easier to see when somebody is struggling with something when you’re in the same space. It’s easier to bounce ideas off people who are across a room from you.  

  1. What do you like most/least about working at home?

My day finishes earlier, and I can eat lunch whenever I want – without having to prepare it (or buy it) before work. 

I have all the equipment I want to work with set-up exactly how I need it. 

What I like least about it all is that I would be happy to lock myself away in a room without ever coming out for air. I have a habit of “losing myself” in projects. Going to the office “forces” me to get fresh air and leave my cave. 

  1. How are you finding collaborations/working with colleagues now?

Like I said already, I feel I miss out a little on contact with people outside of Marketing. I have regular calls on Skype or Zoom with everyone in sales and marketing. Outside of that I miss just chatting with Malon or Suzanne or anyone else in the office. Even if it’s just a few words here and there. 

We have reintroduced a (VrijMiBo) Friday evening drinks… online, which is great because no-one needs to drive home afterwards 😛   

  1. Do you have any anecdotes about working from home, or handy tips you’d like to share? 

Do whatever you can to make your home office/desk as comfortable as possible. Make it a space you want to spend time in. 

Try to create a routine that helps you “get into work”. For me that means, get up (sounds easy but…); set a pot of coffee; shower; make breakfast; read emails and catch up on the news while I eat breakfast; first coffee and then start the day. 

Most importantly, if you’re having difficulty working from home, or being alone, reach out. Talk to someone about it. Take care of yourself, and those around you. Stay safe and sane!

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