4 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

“Hire a copywriter? Now why would I want to do that? I’m perfectly capable of writing texts myself.”

Many entrepreneurs don’t think twice about investing in the design and development of a new website. An appealing layout is their top priority. And they don’t skimp on the costs either. However, whenever they hear the term ‘copywriter’, they’ll label that service as ‘unnecessary’ lickety-split. After all, they can write those texts themselves, right? Easy peasy. But before they know it, the website is almost ready to go and they realise they didn’t quite get to writing those texts yet. And so, they often choose to recycle some old content, hoping no one will notice.

The harsh truth is that they’re right: no one will notice. But not because it doesn’t matter that you’re reusing old content on your new website (on the contrary), but because no one will be reading it in the first place. 

An appealing website layout is great, but it won’t do much as long as the texts aren’t up to par. High-quality and persuasive SEO texts are what get you more leads and new customers. And isn’t that exactly what you want?

Partnering up with a good copywriter means you’re guaranteed to get impeccable content and a perfect fit for what your company stands for. Your views and your voice, fine-tuned to suit your target audience. Texts that work for you and make your ideal customers want to buy from or work with you. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in something like that?

Are you still considering writing your (online) texts yourself? In this blog, I’ll be sharing four reasons to hire a copywriter. 

1. Ready, SEO, action!

Are the number of visitors on your website and conversion remaining stagnant and virtually unchanged? Chances are, potential customers can’t find their way to your website. A copywriter with experience with SEO can help you out by writing texts that generate more traffic. The copywriters here at Ludejo know exactly how to tweak your website content (including titles, meta descriptions and other SEO elements) in order to get your website a higher ranking in Google. 

Additionally, a copywriter can also provide you with online content, such as blogs and inspiring customer stories, that’ll help keep your website up to date. 

2. Texts that work for you

Do the people that visit your website mainly fall under the category of ‘looky-loos’? In other words, does your website generate traffic, but does that traffic consist largely of people who look around but never seem to buy anything? It could well be that Google is more than happy with your content, but your audience isn’t …

SEO isn’t everything, of course. Keyword stuffing and clickbait will never get you the results you want. On the contrary. If you’re concentrating solely on Google’s algorithms and completely neglect the actual quality of the content, it may negatively affect your number of visitors. A good copywriter knows how to find the right balance between the text’s content and its SEO compatibility, providing you with something that entices your audience into buying your product or service.  

3. A copywriter affords more free time, less frustration

Of course you could try to write your own texts, but why would you? In the end, it often results in a lot of frustration as well as lesser-quality content. And it also takes up a whole lot of your time. Time you may want to spend on other things, rather than those annoying and boring texts. By outsourcing this task, you can work on other tasks which you actually like doing.

4. A fresh pair of (critical) eyes

“I know my company better than anyone, so why would I hire someone else to tell my story?” 

Good question. Nobody knows what you’re all about better than you do. You’re the one that knows what makes your company unique. But copywriting isn’t just about telling stories. It’s also about sales. At the end of the day, your texts’ main aim is to attract new customers, right?

That’s where copywriters are brought into play. A good copywriter will use a fresh pair of eyes to analyse your company, and is capable of writing texts that perfectly suit your customers’ needs. Here at Ludejo we believe that your content needs to tell your story. We take the time to learn more about your company and then figure out what would be the best strategy for your needs. That’s how we develop and realise a content approach that’ll hold up and get you the results you’ve been looking for all this time.

Because your content needs to tell your story

Whether we’re talking about a striking website, inspiring blogs and social media posts, marketing materials or online newsletters, we’re ready to help. We’ll help you find the right words to convey your message. Convincing content to stimulate sales. Substantive texts that help you get the customers you’re looking for. 

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