6 Inspiring Storytelling Websites

Stories are as vital to us humans as eating and drinking and there are endless possibilities when it comes to storytelling for your company.

Chances are you’re familiar with storytelling as a marketing strategy, but have you ever considered storytelling possibilities for your website? You haven’t? Who knows, maybe this blog will change that. I’ve listed a number of brilliant storytelling websites for you.

Storytelling for Dum… um, 

Storytelling: The Basics

Before sharing the links to the websites, I’d like to share some background info on storytelling. Of course, storytelling isn’t particularly new. On the contrary, the art of telling stories is older than the Queen and Santa Claus combined. Stories are as vital to us humans as eating and drinking. It starts with simple picture books at a young age and ends with… Well, it doesn’t actually end. The selection just gets bigger and more diverse. By now, there are endless possibilities concerning storytelling: books, films, shows, Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, illustrations, podcasts, and so on.

Storytelling as a marketing strategy

Stories are a way for us to escape reality, however briefly. That’s exactly what makes storytelling so interesting to marketeers: a good story can make a consumer forget they’re a consumer and make them feel as though they’re the main character in the story YOU created. How cool is that? It gets even cooler when you implement a storytelling concept on your website. Why, you ask? Well, firstly because it’s an interactive environment. You can add moving graphics, links, audio fragments, videos, the whole shebang. Visitors can click on everything and be transported to the world you created for them. Very Alice in Wonderland-esque. Content appeals to our emotions, and while we like to tell ourselves that the majority of our decisions are made based on rational considerations, these subconscious and emotional processes also play an important part. 

Applying storytelling to your website

I can hear you thinking; “That’s all very well, but how do I apply storytelling to my website?” Surely not with one of those standard corporate stories on your “About Us” page. Those things don’t do you or your customers any favours. A “look how amazing we are” story or a few little stories spread over various web pages won’t cut it either. Storytelling is about the bigger picture: an inspiring story with a message that appeals to your audience’s emotions. A story that evokes feelings of recognition and desire, and which makes your target group feel involved in your company. The final aim is to present a story that fits your vision and your target group, connecting your values with your customers’ values. 

Visual storytelling

Don’t forget about the visual aspect either. We all know the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but let’s be fair, we all do it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Visual content is just incredibly important. That’s why it can be very beneficial to spend some extra time on your visuals, which you will see in the examples below.

And now, the main event: 6 websites that have deciphered the code for good, inspiring storytelling

1. Dopper

Personally, I found that I was more interested in this website than in various Netflix shows. If you ask me, the web designer who created this gem deserves high praise.  

2. Every Last Drop (Waterwise)

A seemingly simple but incredibly entertaining and informative website about water consumption in the UK. And I say “seemingly”, since I am quite aware of the time and effort that must have been put into the making of this website.

3. Oat the Goat

Oat the Goat is an educational website for children, but I’m certain that their parents love this user-friendly and stunningly designed website, too. The purpose of the website is to teach children about friendship and empathy in an approachable manner. In short, a great website with a great message. 


4. A Tiny Adventure (Nebula)

An interactive storytelling website that opens with an appropriate quote by Jean Paul Sartre: “So that the most ordinary event becomes an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient that we begin to tell it.” As you scroll further and further down, the story unfolds more and more. If you’re interested in using a storytelling website as a means to share your story and skills with the world, I strongly advise you to have a look at this website. 

5. The View from Above (Allbirds and The New York Times) 

Pretty. It’s just so incredibly pretty. 

6. The Future of Car Sharing (Collaborative Fund and Hyperakt)

Nice design, cool graphics and bright colours. I’m rather fond of the little car that brings you from one info block to the next. 

Are you using storytelling on your website yet?  

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