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About Us


About us

Ludejo is your partner for translation and multilingual content creation. We have been offering a wide range of communication services since 2017. From translation, copywriting and editing, to technical documentation and graphic design. Our team consists of individuals with a great passion for language and communication, an infinite curiosity, and a desire to develop an understanding for the world around them and to be involved in it.

We can help bridge the communication gap between you and your customers, partners, colleagues, and audience by creating content or by translating text and audio files.

Whether you wish to edit a short marketing text, have your website developed to suit an international audience, or require a technical manual with safety instructions; we are there for you. We can assist you with the recording of professional audio content (for podcasts, audio instructions or marketing material) from our own studio. We can also support your video productions by providing everything from subtitles and open captions to voice-overs and dubbing.

Are you looking for communication advice and guidance? Would you like us to have a critical look at your content marketing plan? Or perhaps you are not exactly sure which communication strategy suits you best? We are happy to explore the options and share our thoughts and ideas with you.

We have a skilful and creative in-house team of translators, copywriters and technical writers. Our project managers supervise all assignments from start to finish and engage the expertise of carefully selected and screened partners, where necessary. Moreover, we utilise all available modern technologies to tackle each assignment successfully.

We are interested in what you do. Your mission. Your field of expertise, and what message your company, institution or foundation wishes to convey. We will help you grow and connect with your customers anywhere in the world.

Why? Because your content should tell your story.

“Ludejo is built on a foundation of love. We love our profession, our clients and our team. We love to discover new solutions, new ideas and new opportunities. We are not afraid to travel the unconventional road in order to help our clients. We are socially involved and never lose sight of the human element amidst it all. We are partners. This love is our motivation.”


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The transfer of information and knowledge so that it can be available to, and understood by, everyone regardless of location, language field, educational level and culture.

Since the foundation in 2017, Ludejo has developed and grown across a variety of sectors:

– Translation

– Copywriting

– Graphic design

– Audio and video productions

– Technical documentation

We offer text, illustrations and sound in multiple languages.

We translate existing content.
We record interviews and podcasts for and with our clients.
We complement this with multilingual voice-overs and the translation of subtitles. We conceive of and write scripts. We create content plans for our clients.
We enhance the content and information our clients produce by translating it and adding images and sound.

In 2025, we have settled in our dream location; a building with a (roof) terrace and space for a “news cafĂ©” where we hold meetings, interview interesting people, inspire and get inspired.

Our clients choose Ludejo because they are searching for a communication partner with whom they can share thoughts and ideas, and are willing to go on a journey to see them through. We are a flexible and collaborative team that effortlessly combines our different types of expertise.

We envision and create.

Meet our team

Suzanne Schouwerwou

Andrew Hickson
Andrew Hickson

Andrew Hickson

Donja Ceelie


Can I follow you on social media?2020-05-29T17:10:15+02:00

Certainly, we have a Facebook page and Instagram profile and we are also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

How do I get in touch with you?2020-05-29T17:14:44+02:00

If you wish to request a quote, you can do so here. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail via pm@ludejo.eu or call us at +31 (0)33 331 0003.

Where is Ludejo located?2020-05-29T17:06:11+02:00

We are based in Amersfoort, in the Netherlands. You can find our full address here.

What does the name ‘Ludejo’ mean?2020-05-29T17:04:58+02:00

The word ‘Ludejo’ comes from Esperanto and means ‘playground’. It is a reference to the playfulness and creativity that distinguishes us from other translation and communication agencies.

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