Meet our team

If you want to get anywhere in life, you need to have the right people around you. Every team member works to improve Ludejo and gives us a right to exist.
Seeing as we do not seek to only make a profit, but also to make the world a little better, the people who work for us
are a special breed. As a customer, you benefit tremendously from this.


Malon Hamoen Giraldi

Suzanne Schouwerwou

Andrew Hickson

Donja Ceelie

Suzanne van Duijn

Annet Klunder

Florian Raven

Noëlle Hamoen

Jasper van Vliet

Esmeralda Doppenberg

Betül Hamurcu

Esther Rensen

Lianne Veen

Erik Bogerd

Barbara Westerveld

Marrit Vermaat

Saskia Massink

Suzanne Verlegh