International Literacy Day 2023: Fostering Empowerment, Inclusivity, and Global Development

International Literacy Day 2023. Stacks of books in the background of the image. A book lies open on teh table in the foreground. A blue cup with colourful pens are on a stack of books in the center.

“Since 1967, International Literacy Day celebrations have taken place annually around the world to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights, and to advance the literacy agenda towards a more literate and sustainable society.” UNESCO International Literacy Day holds great significance for Ludejo. We are a … Read more

Dutch Global Charm: Why is Nijntje called Miffy outside the Netherlands?

Dutch Global Hit Why is Nijntje called Miffy outside the Netherlands. Miffy stands front and center in the image. She is holding large paint brushes behind her back. In the background there is a blurred photo of a canal in Utrecht. Ludejo design elements (the heart icon) are placed across the image.

When Nijntje was “born” in 1955, Dick Bruna could not have known that the main character of his bedtime story for his son Sierk would grow up to be an icon of Dutch culture and a symbol of imagination around the world.  In the early 1950s, Bruna introduced the world to this endearing little rabbit. … Read more

Dutch Language and Culture for beginners: Your Key to Thriving in the Netherlands

Close up of a bicycle wheel with a blue tire. The spokes of the bike have rain water on them. The bike is leaning against a weathered green railing in a typical Dutch city. The Ludejo brand graphics are subtly scattered throughout the image. Ludejo’s Dutch Language and Culture training will explain why cycling in the rain is an important rite of passage in the Netherlands.

Ludejo’s “Dutch Language and Culture Training” course in Amersfoort is not like any other language course you might have come across. It’s different. It’s a tailor-made Dutch course for expats that enables people to integrate in the Netherlands as quickly as possible.  Learning Dutch is not just about learning the language. Sure, you can parrot … Read more

One thousand-and-one Arabic dialects

An illuminated concrete staircase in Dubai. A large palm tree is partially hidden by a wall. The title of the blog, One Thousand and One Arabic Dialects is written on the image. The Ludejo graphic design elements have been added subtly to the walls of the building in the image.

Arabic originated from the Arabian Peninsula. With the proliferation of Islam, the number of people who spoke Arabic increased as well. Today, more than 300 million people speak the language, which makes it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is the dominant language in North Africa and the Middle East. … Read more

From the desert to Baghdad: the spread of Islam and Arabic

Group of people with camels and donkeys and carts, in a sandy desert. The title of the blog, “From the desert to Baghdad: the spread of Islam and Arabic” is written on the image. The Ludejo graphic design elements have been added subtly in the background of the image. There is a blurry Ludejo Heart icon floating above the men on the right hand side of the image.

Embark on a historical voyage tracing the remarkable journey of Islam and the Arabic language from their origins in desert lands to the thriving epicenter of Baghdad. Discover the intertwined growth of language and faith through trade routes, conquests, and cultural interactions. Explore the pivotal role of the Qur’an and delve into the Islamic Golden Age’s contributions. This narrative unveils the profound impact of Arabic culture, inviting you to explore a world enriched by centuries of evolution.

Romansh: a rare language

A street sign in Switzerland with the word “iffaunts” written on it. Iffaunts means children in Romansh. This image has the title of the article “Romansh: a rare language” written on it. The article will explore Romansh dialects.

A while ago, Ludejo travelled to Switzerland to explore the four different national languages. The language that struck us most was ‘Romansh’. Why? It is well known that German, French and Italian are spoken in Switzerland, but the fourth language, Romansh, is not that widely known. Actually finding someone who speaks the language is a … Read more

Swiss German and standard German: the differences

A photo of a mountain over looking a lake in Switzerland. The title of the article, "Swiss German and standard German: the differences" is written on the image.

Unlock the Secrets of Swiss German vs. Standard German: Language Insights from the Streets of Switzerland Are you working with German-speaking people in Switzerland? If you understand Swiss German, you have an advantage if you have to do business in Switzerland or negotiate with the locals. On the streets, nearly everyone speaks Swiss German. At … Read more

“Four scoops of language on a mountain cone, please!”

Diving into Switzerland’s Linguistic Tapestry: Unveiling the Multilingual Magic of Swiss German, French, Italian, and Romansh The answer to the question “What is the official language in your country?” is simple in many parts of the world. However, for a Swiss person, the answer to that question is a bit more complicated. The country has … Read more

“Angel Shot”: Angel in Disguise – Discreet Distress Signals

Unlocking the Power of Code Words and Gestures: A Guide to Seeking Help Discretely in Uncomfortable Situations Did you ever end up in an unpleasant situation where you wanted to ask for help (discretely) but didn’t know how? Read about discreet distress signals here. ‘Two Angel Shots and a Martini, please!’ Imagine being in a … Read more

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