Romansh: a rare language

Roman building with title of the blog post

A while ago, Ludejo travelled to Switzerland to explore the four different national languages. The language that struck us most was ‘Romansh’. Why? It is well known that German, French and Italian are spoken in Switzerland, but the fourth language, Romansh, is not that widely known. Actually finding someone who speaks the language is a … Read more

Swiss German and standard German: the differences

Are you working with German-speaking people in Switzerland? If you understand Swiss German, you have an advantage if you have to do business in Switzerland or negotiate with the locals. On the streets, nearly everyone speaks Swiss German. At first, you will probably not be able to understand anything, even if you have a good … Read more

“Four scoops of language on a mountain cone, please!”

That is all you need to know about the Swiss language The answer to the question “What is the official language in your country?” is simple in many parts of the world, but the answer to that question is a bit more complicated for a Swiss person. The country has no fewer than four official … Read more

“Angel Shot”: Angel in Disguise

How words are used as a code language Did you ever end up in an unpleasant situation where you wanted to ask for help (discretely) but didn’t know how? Read here how to do it. ‘Two Angel Shots and a Martini, please!’ Imagine being in a club where you agreed to meet a Tinder date. … Read more

Fungi with a French accent?

You don’t know, or you don’t want to know … Microbes, centipedes, worms and moles. The earth beneath our feet is teeming with life that we usually don’t notice. But there’s a lot more going on underground. Networks of fungi, with which plants and trees exchange not only nutrients but also information, have existed far … Read more

The month that calls itself Julius Caesar

Learn about May Have you ever wondered, like us, where the names of our months come from? We have done the research for you about how each month got its name. The calendar year starts with January and after that we fly right through it, or so it seems. And suddenly we are back with … Read more

What are your thoughts on “Our Bro” by Father Bart Paepen?

Sunday 15 May 2022: In Antwerp, the Father recites the “Our Father” prayer as “Our Bro”. His new version is packed with Gen Z slang, but whether he understands it is debatable. His reasoning is that he wants to open the dialogue between generations. Can that work? And; there is a gap? We are more … Read more

Ludejo Limelight on Hoedspruit Reptile Centre

Every month Ludejo will support an organisation by shining a Limelight on them (and making a donation). For the month of June 2021 we have selected Hoedspruit Reptile Centre.  Hoedspruit Reptile Centre is situated in South Africa’s Limpopo Province. It is 15km outside of the nearest town “Hoedspruit” and is located in one of the … Read more