Searching for Answers at the Naturalis Museum Leiden:

The last quagga, mounted at the Naturalis Museum in Leiden, is photoshopped onto an image of the sun setting on an empty savannah. Brand elements from Ludejo, including the logo and heart icon, as well as the logo of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center are on the image.

Why We use Latin and Greek in the Naming of Species What is binomial nomenclature, and what does it have to do with the quagga going extinct? Binomial nomenclature is a scientific naming system used to assign a unique two-part name to each species of organism, consisting of the genus name followed by the species … Read more

The story of purchasing VMSi

This long and warm summer in the Netherlands, I decided to go for a short holiday in June. before the general holiday months in July and August. Last year, when I just started Ludejo in the beginning of May, 0 turnover, 0 clients, a lot of responsibility to the team, I didn’t go on holiday … Read more

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