The importance of context in Arabic

Have you ever been on holiday in a foreign country where you encountered customs that you didn’t quite understand? Or have you ever asked someone a closed question, and then they responded with an open answer? Or has someone said ‘no’ to you, but it turned out later that this person actually meant ‘yes’? If … Read more

Dutch Global Charm: Why is Nijntje called Miffy outside the Netherlands?

Dutch Global Hit Why is Nijntje called Miffy outside the Netherlands. Miffy stands front and center in the image. She is holding large paint brushes behind her back. In the background there is a blurred photo of a canal in Utrecht. Ludejo design elements (the heart icon) are placed across the image.

When Nijntje was “born” in 1955, Dick Bruna could not have known that the main character of his bedtime story for his son Sierk would grow up to be an icon of Dutch culture and a symbol of imagination around the world.  In the early 1950s, Bruna introduced the world to this endearing little rabbit. … Read more

6 Remarkable English Expressions and their Origin Stories

Here are six remarkable English expressions that’ll ‘knock your socks off’! Once upon a time, on a rainy afternoon, I was suffering from a particularly severe case of procrastination. (You know the kind, one of those days where work will have to wait. Because NOW is the absolutely BEST time to clean your kitchen cabinets. … Read more

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