Dutch Language and Culture for beginners: Your Key to Thriving in the Netherlands

Close up of a bicycle wheel with a blue tire. The spokes of the bike have rain water on them. The bike is leaning against a weathered green railing in a typical Dutch city. The Ludejo brand graphics are subtly scattered throughout the image. Ludejo’s Dutch Language and Culture training will explain why cycling in the rain is an important rite of passage in the Netherlands.

Ludejo’s “Dutch Language and Culture Training” course in Amersfoort is not like any other language course you might have come across. It’s different. It’s a tailor-made Dutch course for expats that enables people to integrate in the Netherlands as quickly as possible.  Learning Dutch is not just about learning the language. Sure, you can parrot … Read more

Localisation with Ludejo: What Is It and What Makes It So Important?

Localisation is a specialised process which focuses on converting a message in one language to another language, taking into account the target audience’s culture, background and location. You may well have stumbled upon the term ‘localisation’ during your online quest for a good translation agency. Though translation and localisation may seem interchangeable, there is a … Read more

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