Unseen Perspectives: Inclusive Communication

The image contains a page with braille text. The dots from the braille letters bulge from the sheet of paper. The title of the article, “Unseen Perspectives: Navigating the MuZIEum, Decoding Braille, and Inclusive Communication”, is written across the image. The Ludejo logo, and brand style graphics are embedded in the image.

Unseen Perspectives: Navigating the MuZIEum, Decoding Braille, and Inclusive Communication “What is it like to be blind or partially sighted? During a visit to the MuZIEum, you will experience it yourself.” These are the welcoming words you encounter when you step into the MuZIEum, an institution in Nijmegen dedicated to inclusive communication. This unique facility … Read more

Can I do my website translation with DeepL? 

A person with a blue jumper holds an AI robot in the palm of her hand. There is a blue platform, glowing and translucent, beneath the AI being. The robot is translating text from one language into another. The robot may have a malfunction. One eye has been replaced with an X. Ludejo brand elements and the Ludejo heart icon have been blended into the image. The title of the blog, “Can I translate my website with DeepL?” has been written across the image.

Can I translate my website with DeepL?  You’re feeling pretty good about yourself: your website is almost ready for its launch. Now all what needs to be done is the translation.  How can you get a website translated? Your friends and colleagues say: just use DeepL! And yes, you can certainly use automatic translation services … Read more

Searching for Answers at the Naturalis Museum Leiden:

The last quagga, mounted at the Naturalis Museum in Leiden, is photoshopped onto an image of the sun setting on an empty savannah. Brand elements from Ludejo, including the logo and heart icon, as well as the logo of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center are on the image.

Why We use Latin and Greek in the Naming of Species What is binomial nomenclature, and what does it have to do with the quagga going extinct? Binomial nomenclature is a scientific naming system used to assign a unique two-part name to each species of organism, consisting of the genus name followed by the species … Read more

International Literacy Day 2023: Fostering Empowerment, Inclusivity, and Global Development

International Literacy Day 2023. Stacks of books in the background of the image. A book lies open on teh table in the foreground. A blue cup with colourful pens are on a stack of books in the center.

“Since 1967, International Literacy Day celebrations have taken place annually around the world to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights, and to advance the literacy agenda towards a more literate and sustainable society.” UNESCO International Literacy Day holds great significance for Ludejo. We are a … Read more

From the desert to Baghdad: the spread of Islam and Arabic

Group of people with camels and donkeys and carts, in a sandy desert. The title of the blog, “From the desert to Baghdad: the spread of Islam and Arabic” is written on the image. The Ludejo graphic design elements have been added subtly in the background of the image. There is a blurry Ludejo Heart icon floating above the men on the right hand side of the image.

Embark on a historical voyage tracing the remarkable journey of Islam and the Arabic language from their origins in desert lands to the thriving epicenter of Baghdad. Discover the intertwined growth of language and faith through trade routes, conquests, and cultural interactions. Explore the pivotal role of the Qur’an and delve into the Islamic Golden Age’s contributions. This narrative unveils the profound impact of Arabic culture, inviting you to explore a world enriched by centuries of evolution.

Podcasting for museums

How museums can use podcasts to broaden their reach ‘Stories are the way we understand and make sense of the world we find ourselves in.’  Clare Patey, Director of the Empathy Museum. Have you ever gone to a museum with a group of friends? It can be a fantastically frustrating day out. In my experience, … Read more

Ludejo Limelight on Hoedspruit Reptile Centre

Every month Ludejo will support an organisation by shining a Limelight on them (and making a donation). For the month of June 2021 we have selected Hoedspruit Reptile Centre.  Hoedspruit Reptile Centre is situated in South Africa’s Limpopo Province. It is 15km outside of the nearest town “Hoedspruit” and is located in one of the … Read more

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