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With its community of translators Translators without Borders/CLEAR Global shares our ambition to bridge communication barriers. We have been actively supporting Translators without Borders/CLEAR Global since 2017.

Andrew and Malon started organising fundraising campaigns when the company did not yet have any money to donate (we started in 2017). We chose to deploy our talents. As the team expanded, more people joined us to help promote the campaigns. We have part-nered with major localisation associations (GALA and EUATC) to organise annual fundraising campaigns around the world. We have also grown as a company. We are now in a position to make our own decisions about the allocation of our profit. This is why we have decided to donate more (in terms of cash). As of September 2022, we are proud to say we are Diamond sponsors of Translators wit-hout Borders/CLEAR Global. We will continue to organise our fundraising campaigns: far too much fun to stop!

Malon explains: “I believe – and my team wholly endorses this – in giving. Also, or maybe especially, in hard times. When you give, something keeps flowing. Giving fosters trust in a hopeful future for everyone. Ludejo is the company that I established on a foundati-on of love. We are grateful that we are able to provide CLEAR Global with financial support. We will keep supporting CLEAR Global with our time and our talents.”

“Ludejo is one of our most valued sponsors. They are consistent in their support for our work, create awareness and advocate inclusi-on. And they do that in a way that is both great fun and highly creative. Their business model – support to the community over profit – is truly inspiring, and I hope will be the standard someday,” says Aimee Ansari, CEO of CLEAR Global.

As a diamond sponsor of CLEAR Global, Ludejo reaffirms its commitment to making access to information more inclusive. The sponsorship also strengthens the international cooperation for multilingual communication and dialogue.

About CLEAR Global

CLEAR Global is a not-for-profit organisation that helps people obtain important information and be heard, regardless of the language they speak. With innovative language-engineering solutions, research and a community of more than 100,000 people, CLEAR Global supports partner organisations working in different contexts across the world. CLEAR Global was founded to improve global communi-cation and access to information for all people, including those living in poverty and in war zones.

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