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Dutch Language and Culture for Beginners: Your Key to Thriving in the Netherlands

Ludejo’s “Dutch Language and Culture Training” course in Amersfoort is unlike any other language course you may have come across. It’s different. It’s a tailor-made Dutch course for expats that enables people to integrate in the Netherlands as quickly as possible. 

Learning Dutch is not just about learning the language. Sure, you can parrot sounds, words, and phrases with an app, but is that the best way to learn a language?

Learning the Dutch language means becoming part of our culture. In our classes, you will get to know Dutch culture. (No, not the lame clichés about clog-wearing penny-pinchers who live in windmills surrounded by tulips, but what life here is really like.)

Group lessons

Maximum of 6 people per group, so plenty of personal attention.

Course duration:

  • The course will be held over 8 weekly lessons
    The upcoming dates for lessons are (in 2024):
    9, 16, 23, 30 January
    6, 13, 20, 27 February

  • Each lesson will last 2 hours 15 min
  • Class material will be provided
  • Coffee/tea with a Dutch treat

Pay in advance per lesson: €95.00 (excl. 21% VAT).

Or pay in advance for the entire course and receive a 5% discount: €722.00 (excl. 21% VAT).

In many cases, your employer may pay for the course, in that event we will issue a company invoice.

Private lessons

This is tailored to your needs. We will work together to determine the number of lessons and schedule that suits you. The cost per 2-hour lesson is €125.00. In many cases, your employer may pay for the course, in that event we will issue a company invoice.

Location of classes:

  • Ludejo’s offices in Amersfoort
  • Free parking available.
  • Near Amersfoort-Schothorst station.

A Unique Pathway to Dutch Language and Culture

Ludejo’s “Dutch Language and Culture Training” in Amersfoort offers a unique learning pathway for expats. Beyond language acquisition, it immerses you in Dutch life, shattering stereotypes and fostering genuine connections. From mastering Dutch etiquette to navigating education and business landscapes, language proficiency becomes your key to active engagement and enriched experiences. Beyond the expat bubble, fluency in Dutch opens doors to local traditions and cultural treasures, connecting you on a deeper level. 

Embrace this transformative journey, where learning Dutch isn’t just about words; it’s about weaving yourself into the vibrant fabric of Dutch society, enriching your life in Amersfoort and beyond.

Our Trainers

The trainers are Suzanne van Duijn and Malon Hamoen. 

Suzanne van Duijn

Suzanne studied linguistics after initially completing a teaching propaedeutics programme. Her master’s degree in Multilingualism and Language Disorders, along with her strong interest in Dutch as a second language, all help to showcase her social side. 

The subject matter for Ludejo’s “Dutch Language and Culture Training” course, which is knowledge-based, primarily comes from her. 

Malon Hamoen

Malon is passionate about language and communication. She is the founder of Ludejo, and is an accomplished writer. Her philosophical outlook on life has consistently drawn her towards cultural exploration with an insatiable curiosity about the human experience. She has travelled extensively and observed the differences and similarities among people all over the world. 

Suzanne and Malon together have the skills and knowledge to create a truly unique course that will make a real difference to the daily life of new residents in the Netherlands.

This is a nation with a rich cultural tapestry. A high value is placed on understanding and respecting local customs, traditions, and social norms. Delving into the nuances of Dutch culture goes far beyond a visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or a trip to the Keukenhof gardens. It is a gateway to forging meaningful connections and thriving in both personal and professional spheres.

If you would like to know more about our “Dutch Language and Culture Training” course, you can call: +31 33 3310003 or send an email to

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