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Visuals that support
your message

Did you know that your brain absorbs visual information much quicker and easier than written text? That is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many companies opt for a communication strategy which values graphics just as highly as the written word.

The popularity of image driven social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have given business development managers a new outlet to express their company’s creativity and build brand identity and personality.

Perhaps you are now thinking, “I certainly wouldn’t mind a slice of that visual content cake myself”, but you lack the time (or graphic design know-how) to make it happen? Well, we’re ready to step up and give you a hand. We will help you create and implement your visual identity by, for example, creating infographics for your website or online newsletter. We can help out in the development of company sales decks and presentations.

We can develop a new brand style guide from scratch or we can breathe new life into the look-and-feel of your company’s current branding.

From infographics to
sales decks

Design creation
based on content

We create designs based on your content. We will listen and share our thoughts and ideas with you so that we, together, can achieve the perfect design that is completely in line with your specific wishes.

If you are curious as to what we can do for you, please contact us via or fill out the contact form. Our dedicated team is always ready to help.

What our clients say about us

We are working with Ludejo since September 2019. We use Ludejo frequently. All tasks were completed in time with good communications. Ludejo followed the instructions, asked questions and is responsive even when we have to shorten the deadline. The PMs are very nice and skilled. Ludejo manages the terminology database in a professional manner. We are happy clients of Ludejo and continue this fruitful collaboration.

Werner Lierz, Kocarek

We choose Ludejo each time we need a reliable and high-quality translation. We are very satisfied with their quick responsiveness and their Project Managers who are always so kind and willing to help! We’ll always remember a situation when we urgently needed help at 5 PM on Friday and they offered their assistance without a doubt. We really appreciate that we can always rely on them!

Špela Vozel, Translat

Although we haven’t been working with Ludejo for all that long, we’re so impressed with the standard of work they’ve done for us. We often go to them with pretty complex digital marketing related requests and they’re always quick, friendly, professional and most important of all, the quality is excellent.

Sarah Pokorná-Presch, Retro Digital