Graphic Designers

Translation of text or idea into image

Infographics, videos, reels and animations

Isn’t it wonderful that you can have one team for all of your content wishes? Why would you waste time looking for a graphic designer ​somewhere other than the place you go to ​have​ your texts written or translated? Isn’t it better to​ record audio in a studio​ which also houses a team capable of creating accompanying text or graphics for promotion or advertising? If you have to go to various companies, the process will take much longer than you want​.​ ​W​hether the end product will be just as good also remains to be seen. Our project managers ensure that the whole team, from copywriters to translators, and audio engineers to graphic designers, are all singing from the same hymn sheet. A multidisciplinary team ​removes so​​ many of the hiccups that can occur in large projects that require multiple channels of output.​​ S​o you will get what you need, under one roof.

What can you expect from ​our team of creatives​?

  • Know-how about your business and ​understanding​ of ​your​ content.
  • All projects are started by the project manager​s​, who ​monitor​ ​every step of​ your request.
  • Graphic design for roadmaps, infographics, LinkedIn posts or backgrounds, headers for blogs and articles, among other things.
  • Design, scripts and storyboards for making reels (for your social media) and animations.
  • Unique photos, made by an experienced, qualified photographer, to be used for your content only (no stock photos).

Our unique ‘lean and agile’ process ensures that your content is made for you ​swiftly​ and ​smoothly​. Fast, efficient, creative and ​exceedingly​ good. Ideas t​ranslated into language and text, image and sound. Everything you need – and more.

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