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A person with a blue jumper holds an AI robot in the palm of her hand. There is a blue platform, glowing and translucent, beneath the AI being. The robot is translating text from one language into another. The robot may have a malfunction. One eye has been replaced with an X. Ludejo brand elements and the Ludejo heart icon have been blended into the image. The title of the blog, “Can I translate my website with DeepL?” has been written across the image.

Can I do my website translation with DeepL? 

Can I translate my website with DeepL?  You’re feeling pretty good about yourself: your website ... Read more

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates looking magical in the glow of blue lights against the dark night sky. The Ludejo heart icon hovers blurred in the distance behind the main dome of the mosque. The title of the article, “Arabian Tales: The Magic of Fairy Tales and Stories” is written on the image.

Arabian Tales: The Magic of Fairy Tales and Stories

Almost every child in the Netherlands is familiar with the story of Aladdin, a young ... Read more

The last quagga, mounted at the Naturalis Museum in Leiden, is photoshopped onto an image of the sun setting on an empty savannah. Brand elements from Ludejo, including the logo and heart icon, as well as the logo of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center are on the image.

Searching for Answers at the Naturalis Museum Leiden:

Why We use Latin and Greek in the Naming of Species What is binomial nomenclature, ... Read more

Characters from the Arabic version of Sesame Street, Iftah Ya Simsim, including No'man, Gargur, Shams and Melsoon stand in front of a sandy set from the Kuwaiti production. The title of the article “Open Sesame: How Sesame Street is Localised for Arabic Children”, and the Arabic title “افتح يا سمسم” are written in a Sesame Street sign post. Ludejo brand elements are faded into the background and the Ludejo heart icon is on the front left of the image.

Open Sesame!

How Sesame Street is Localised for Arabic Children Everyone in the Netherlands is familiar with ... Read more

The Museum of the Future in Dubai towers over the image. The title of the blog "The Importance of Context in Arabic" is written across the page. Ludejo house style elements are blended into the image.

The importance of context in Arabic

Have you ever been on holiday in a foreign country where you encountered customs that ... Read more

International Literacy Day 2023. Stacks of books in the background of the image. A book lies open on teh table in the foreground. A blue cup with colourful pens are on a stack of books in the center.

International Literacy Day 2023: Fostering Empowerment, Inclusivity, and Global Development

“Since 1967, International Literacy Day celebrations have taken place annually around the world to remind ... Read more

Dutch Global Hit Why is Nijntje called Miffy outside the Netherlands. Miffy stands front and center in the image. She is holding large paint brushes behind her back. In the background there is a blurred photo of a canal in Utrecht. Ludejo design elements (the heart icon) are placed across the image.

Dutch Global Charm: Why is Nijntje called Miffy outside the Netherlands?

When Nijntje was “born” in 1955, Dick Bruna could not have known that the main ... Read more

A close up of a zebra. The name Ludejo is partially visible on the white stripes. The black stripes hide the Ludejo logo.

The Rise of Zebra Companies: A Sustainable Path to Profit

Or: How I waded through the jungle of corporate jargon and learned to love a ... Read more

Close up of a bicycle wheel with a blue tire. The spokes of the bike have rain water on them. The bike is leaning against a weathered green railing in a typical Dutch city. The Ludejo brand graphics are subtly scattered throughout the image. Ludejo’s Dutch Language and Culture training will explain why cycling in the rain is an important rite of passage in the Netherlands.

Dutch Language and Culture for beginners: Your Key to Thriving in the Netherlands

Ludejo’s “Dutch Language and Culture Training” course in Amersfoort is not like any other language ... Read more

An illuminated concrete staircase in Dubai. A large palm tree is partially hidden by a wall. The title of the blog, One Thousand and One Arabic Dialects is written on the image. The Ludejo graphic design elements have been added subtly to the walls of the building in the image.

One thousand-and-one Arabic dialects

Arabic originated from the Arabian Peninsula. With the proliferation of Islam, the number of people ... Read more

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