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Audio transcends physical barriers and immerses us in rich storytelling experiences. At Ludejo Studios, we specialise in crafting captivating podcasts that engage, inform, and inspire. With a rich history of producing diverse and impactful podcasts, we bring your ideas to life through impeccable audio production and expert storytelling.

Our Podcasting Expertise

Podcast Recording and Editing:

Capture crystal-clear audio and create a seamless listening experience wherever you want with our state-of-the-art mobile audio booth and meticulous editing techniques. Where would you like to have a conversation? In the countryside? On the beach? Up a mountain? 

Our portable audio booth

Thanks to our portable “Ludejo studio”, we can record your podcast wherever you want. We’ll come to your location, and our audio engineers will take care of everything for you.

Audio Production and Soundscapes:

Elevate your podcast with immersive soundscapes and professional audio engineering that captivates your audience’s senses. Do you have a great idea for an audio production, but lack the right technology and expertise to bring it to life? Ludejo is here to help!

Our Portfolio

Perimeter de Podcast Airborne Museum Oosterbook

De Perimeter: Unveiling History Through Sound

In 1944, during Operation Market Garden, allied troops (and terrified local Dutch civilians) were pinned down by German forces in the town of Oosterbeek, outside Arnhem. ‘De Perimeter’ podcast expands on some of the stories which were seen in the exhibition “De Perimeter” at the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek.

Roger's Rhymes, a Ludejo Studio Production

Roger’s Rhymes: Enchanting Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Introduce your little ones to the enchanting world of Roger’s Rhymes, a series of quirky modern nursery rhymes that spark the imagination.

The Third Rail with Malon Hamoen

The Third Rail: Exploring Cultural Significance

The name, “The Third Rail” has assumed the popular connotation of something powerful, even dangerous. Controversial issues are often referred to as “the third rail of politics”.  We want to be the electricity that powers conversation. Malon is going to broach subjects that have often been deemed too sensitive. Ludejo wants to help people communicate. 

Delve into the cultural significance of Keti Koti with our thought-provoking first series of “The Third Rail,” as we explore the complexities of this important event.

KunstTaal, het verhaal van kunst gemaakt door vrouwen in beeld en geluid

KunstTaal: Artistic Conversations

Join host Malon Hamoen in “KunstTaal” as she conducts insightful interviews with talented artists, exploring how their art communicates ideas, emotions, and their personalities to the world.


Elevate Your Podcast with Ludejo Studios

Sound Effects for Podcasts

Infuse depth and emotion into your storytelling with our library of expertly curated sound effects.

Audio Engineering Excellence

Trust in our experienced audio engineers to ensure every podcast episode sounds impeccable and professional.

Create an Immersive Podcast Experience

Transform your podcast into an auditory journey that resonates with your audience, whether it’s for museums, business branding, or educational purposes.

What podcast format do I need?

There are many different formats within the world of podcasting that can be used to explore topics and themes. These formats are discussed in far more detail in the article “Podcasting for Museums” 

  • The interview podcast format
  • The solo/monologue podcast format
  • Conversational podcast format
  • The panel podcast format
  • Non-fictional storytelling podcast format

‘Stories are the way we understand and make sense of the world we find ourselves in.’  Don’t forget to check out the blog post “Podcasting for Museums” to read a more detailed account of the podcast formats.

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