Remote training, instructions & motivation for international teams

Do you manage remote teams? How do you maintain messaging, standards, and training across all your international employees? Have you found your travel restricted because of the Corona Virus?

It’s vital that organisations do the right kind of training with all employees, and implement it correctly in all regions. Ineffective development programmes essentially cost the business twice; once because of the cost of creating and implementing the training and twice because employee time is wasted if it’s spent on inadequate training rather than more productive activities. 

The importance of learning in your first language

Research conducted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) found that optimal learning within primary school children was achieved when conducted in the children’s first language. 

Therefore, it makes sense why in recent years business owners and companies have been striving to ensure that their learning initiatives and training approaches follow the same mandate. Indeed, many international businesses universally agree that training delivered in their mother tongue tended to be the most effective and had the greatest long-term impact on their workforce’s productivity and development. Yet, studies have demonstrated that at present, more than half of the international companies surveyed did not have a strong understanding of available translation services and how they could be utilized to help improve their internal and external business correspondence.

E-learning as a tool to overcome travel difficulties 

Of all the ways to deliver training across the globe, e-learning is one of the most efficient. There’s evidence it can reduce the time needed to deliver training by between 40 and 60%. In a busy organisation, this time saving represents vital time being released for employees to spend on their regular activities instead of in training sessions.

It reduces or eliminates the need to pay for training space, travel, accommodation and meals and refreshments associated with other types of training. But for most organisations, the key benefit is it’s less disruptive to ‘business as usual’ because less time is spent away from everyday tasks.

What can Ludejo do for you? 

Do you want to give a presentation to your staff in multiple locations across the globe? Many remote options are available. Conference calls have been standard practise for decades. However, in multilingual environments, you are generally faced with 2 options. Either one party needs to work in a second language (any language other than their mother-tongue); or interpreters need to be hired. Interpretation is a fantastic option, but it is not very practical in terms of scalability. If you need to give 10 presentations to sales teams in 4 countries, the costs of interpretation will get prohibitive rather quickly. 

At Ludejo, we can provide you with scalability:

  • Translation of presentation slides
  • Graphic design for presentation slides
  • Multilingual VO recording for presentation
  • Technical drawing for manuals
  • Translation of technical documentation
  • Consultation on cultural differences

Develop the bonds and increase growth in your team while reducing all the costs associated with travel in this day and age, with Ludejo. Multilingual communication in a world that thrives on personal connections.  

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