The importance of context in Arabic

Have you ever been on holiday in a foreign country where you encountered customs that you didn’t quite understand? Or have you ever asked someone a closed question, and then they responded with an open answer? Or has someone said ‘no’ to you, but it turned out later that this person actually meant ‘yes’? If … Read more

From the desert to Baghdad: the spread of Islam and Arabic

Group of people with camels and donkeys and carts, in a sandy desert. The title of the blog, “From the desert to Baghdad: the spread of Islam and Arabic” is written on the image. The Ludejo graphic design elements have been added subtly in the background of the image. There is a blurry Ludejo Heart icon floating above the men on the right hand side of the image.

Embark on a historical voyage tracing the remarkable journey of Islam and the Arabic language from their origins in desert lands to the thriving epicenter of Baghdad. Discover the intertwined growth of language and faith through trade routes, conquests, and cultural interactions. Explore the pivotal role of the Qur’an and delve into the Islamic Golden Age’s contributions. This narrative unveils the profound impact of Arabic culture, inviting you to explore a world enriched by centuries of evolution.

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