Ludejo’s Text and Audio Services for Museums

At Ludejo, we specialise in providing communication solutions tailored to the unique needs of museums and
cultural institutions. We provide text and audio services for museums. With our comprehensive range of services,
including translation, copywriting, and audio production, we are a one-stop shop helping museums to deliver
captivating and informative experiences to visitors from around the world.

Translation Services for Museums

Ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive translations for exhibitions, brochures, and website content is vitally
important for museums. We believe that our translators should have a degree of knowledge and a deep interest
in history and culture. Whether you need to translate exhibit labels, informational panels, or multimedia guides,
we have the expertise to convey your message effectively to diverse audiences

Our translation team consists of in-house translators, project managers and linguists, who also work with
carefully selected freelance translators and freelance proofreaders. We have dedicated teams for translations
into Dutch, German, English, and all Western European languages. For languages such as Japanese or Chinese
we work with partner translation agencies.

Audio Production Services for Museums

Audio guides and multimedia presentations offer an interactive way for museum visitors to explore exhibitions. It
is often the most important opening for visitors to engage with your museum. Our audio production team
specialises in creating high-quality audio content in multiple languages, providing an immersive and informative
experience for visitors.
As great lovers of art and culture, we are very happy to make audio tours for museums. The language of art,
culture and history is a niche we love working in.

Portable Audio Booth

We have the equipment to be able to record on location, such as a portable audio booth which allows us to
record studio quality audio in any venue. We have been thrilled to record exhibition audio “on location” in the
museums that will host the new exhibition.
Recordings can also take place remotely, or in a recording studio. Our sound engineers are more than willing to
work with you to ensure the smoothest (and most cost-effective) solutions for your audio needs.
You can supply voice talents yourself, if you already know them. Alternatively, our project managers can find a
suitable voice actor for the recordings of the museum’s content.

Podcasting for Museums

Increasingly more museums are choosing to engage with their audience outside their premises. In 2022, the
New York Times noted in an article titled Using Podcasts to Broaden the Reach of Smaller Museums,
“…museum podcasts draw in listeners close to home and in faraway places.” If you want to know more about
podcasting possibilities for museums, please read our article “Podcasting for Museums”.

How many museum curators have wanted more time or space to really tell the story of a person, place or item
that means the world to them? Podcasts are a cost-effective way to explore subjects and expose them to a wider
public. It is a tool that, when handled correctly, can add vital additional exposure to, and possibilities for, all

Do you want to know more about how Ludejo can help you develop your own podcast? Ludejo partnered with
the Airborne museum in Oosterbeek to produce their podcast “Perimeter de Podcast”. Have a listen here.

Copywriting Services for Museums

Crafting compelling narratives and engaging content is essential for captivating museum visitors. Our
experienced copywriters work closely with museums to develop captivating text for exhibition displays,
promotional materials, and educational resources. From concise exhibit descriptions to immersive storytelling,
we tailor our writing to enhance the visitor experience and convey the unique story of each exhibition.
Our text
and audio services for museums often rely on the skill of our copywriters to create engaging narratives across
various languages.

Trusted by Leading Museums in the Netherlands

Ludejo has a proven track record of delivering exceptional communication solutions for museums in the
Netherlands, and cultural institutions across the world. Our team of linguists, copywriters, and audio producers is
dedicated to helping museums engage with diverse audiences and create memorable experiences for visitors.
From renowned art museums to historical landmarks, we have partnered with leading institutions to provide
multilingual communication solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Past projects and collaborations

Explore examples of our past projects and collaborations with museums around the world. From audio guides for
special exhibitions
, to transcription and subtitling in Arabic, and from translation for monuments, to multilingual
translations for permanent collections,
our portfolio showcases the diverse range of communication solutions we
provide for museums of all sizes and disciplines.

Want to know more about our work with museums?

Ready to enhance the communication capabilities of your museum? Contact us today to discuss your project
requirements and learn how our tailored solutions can elevate the visitor experience and maximise the impact of
your exhibitions.

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