The story of purchasing VMSi

This long and warm summer in the Netherlands, I decided to go for a short holiday in June. before the general holiday months in July and August. Last year, when I just started Ludejo in the beginning of May, 0 turnover, 0 clients, a lot of responsibility to the team, I didn’t go on holiday at all. The months July and August this year were reserved for the projectmanagers and translator to take some time off, I would replace the one that wouldn’t be there.

One day, I was working on a localization (translation) project as part of the project management team, replacing one of the project managers, the phone rang. “Hey, this is Henco Visser”, I heard on the other side. I got to know Henco Visser a long time ago already and we didn’t hear from each other since over a year. I was happily surprised to hear from him and curious how he was doing.

Henco was the owner of VMSi, an agency for technical content creation, for example writing technical manuals for machines, safety guidelines or user guides and industrial design. We had a very nice conversation, it was just so nice to talk with him and hear his stories. Then he told me that he applied for a job on the payroll of a bigger Dutch company. I first didn’t get it and said: “Why would you do that, you have a very good company!”, but he explained that after 10 years he needed some change. He asked me: “You know many people and I was thinking of you, perhaps you know someone who wants to take over my company?”

I heard myself say: “Why not me?”

I don’t know about you, but when I feel (immediately) that something is a fantastic idea, I have to take some emotional distances from myself. So, I suggested that I would call him back after a couple of days to think properly about the idea I just spontaneously expressed… And we ended the call. I was still in the same room as my team, they looked at me and asked: “what just happened?”…

The thinking process about this possible acquisition, was actually more like a formality… I already knew I wanted to take this opportunity. To build a division where content would be created, has been my wish for a long, long time already. In my previous position (in the company I sold my shares of last year), I as well wanted to start something like that within the existing company at that time, but never could. To create something out of nothing is always a challenge I gladly accept.

More practical: to be able to create industrial design and to write (technical) content I needed an expert and I thought of one of the linguists we worked with since Ludejo’s start. I sent him an email: “Hi Hans, what would you think of the idea of stopping to be a freelancer and starting as an in-house technical content creator at Ludejo? Would you then seriously consider this possibility? Or would you say that that would be a crazy idea?” Within the hour I got back: “Hi Malon, you should share crazy ideas more often! I would definitely consider this. Please keep me posted, I am really curious now”.

I dare to say: no one needs a plan, as long as intuition is still intact

‘The days after I “played chess” with the whole idea. I quickly needed to find answers to the questions:

  • “what will happen if I would hire an in-house content creator?
  • What consequences will the acquisition have for our cash flow?
  • How can we make sure I take the right steps that will allow us to move forward in a fast and efficient way?
  • Who are VMSi’s clients?
  • Will they be happy with this idea as well?
  • What does Henco know and how can we have access to this knowledge as well?
  • What is VMSi’s yearly income?
  • Etcetera, etcetera…

And then I decided to stop thinking about it, and just start talking with Henco. I wanted to take a risk, another one…

Like always, when something is a real good idea, the rest of the process was a smooth process. From visiting VMSi’s clients and getting to know them, to getting the first orders: quite some projects until the end of the year. Hans is hired and introduced to the rest of the team. Hans and Henco worked on sharing the available knowledge…

This opportunity just landed on my doorstep. I believe very much in running a company with love. The love that is coming with enormous power and enables more than you ever hoped for. The opportunity of buying VMSi I see as a direct result of this life-style.

With this move at Ludejo we open our arms for:

  • a new service: creation of industrial design (CAD) and technical writing
  • with that: a new revenue stream
  • a new opportunity to be a learning environment for interns, who are studying technical writing/industrial design
  • realization of the launch of a new division, we can (and will) use this division to create more and more content, keep an eye on us!
  • new clients. Welcome!

These are exciting times. In May 2017, 15 months ago, we started from scratch. 0 euro turnover, 0 clients. And we’re growing: thanks to our customers who put their trust in us and to our team who keep their promises! And we’re growing some more: with the launch of the content creation division and the very large experience of our -currently- in-house content creator in the engineering field and industrial design.

I would like to share: Take a risk, be free. Believe in love and abundance. Stay open, so you will hear it when a great opportunity knocks on your door. Be grateful for everything that happens, without wanting anything else. There’s hardly any control and the line between control and fear is only very thin… Just take a risk and stay free.

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