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You’re an entrepreneur and you want to have your English-language website translated into German. Translating the many pages of text is quite a job, however, and you can’t really spare the time necessary. You could, of course, enlist the help of a family member or colleague who speaks German reasonably well, but… how can you be sure that your translation isn’t full of inaccuracies and spelling errors? You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The last thing you want is a website that totally undermines your credibility as an entrepreneur. So where would you find a translator who can faultlessly and quickly translate your web texts making them suitable for an international audience?

Well, how about here?

When it comes to translation, Ludejo is the partner you are looking for. Our team is ready to help you send your message out into the world, loudly and clearly. Our translators provide high-level translations. Not machine translations. High-quality texts that take the culture, background and location of your target group into account. This gives you certainty that your texts will make a positive impression on your customers and business contacts.

By entrusting your translations to us, you will not only save a lot of time, but you will also know for sure that the job will be done promptly and properly. A win-win situation for you and your audience, because make no mistake; clear, unambiguous texts will also make your readers happy.

SEO texts that need to be translated? Not a problem. We are experienced in the translation of online content that must meet search engine optimisation objectives. We can also assist you in keyword research to determine what the most important search terms for your target group actually are. That would be ideal, right?

We can help with your brochures, websites, presentations, marketing plans, e-learning and training materials, blogs, advertisement campaigns, and manuals, to name but a few examples. You are also in the right place if you are looking for translations of your video and audio files, or if you need advice on the localisation of your product or service.

From blogs to
technical manuals

Translation Process

Okay, now you are aware of what we can do for you. But how exactly do we handle a translation or localisation assignment? This infographic shows the steps involved in our translation process.

The entire translation process, from A to Z, is supervised by one of our project managers. They ensure that the end product is delivered to you on time and completely in accordance with your wishes. (The only thing missing would be a dash of whipped cream and a cherry on top).

Do you have any questions, or do you want to learn more about our translation services? Please contact us via Our dedicated team is always ready to help.

What our clients say about us

We are working with Ludejo since September 2019. We use Ludejo frequently. All tasks were completed in time with good communications. Ludejo followed the instructions, asked questions and is responsive even when we have to shorten the deadline. The PMs are very nice and skilled. Ludejo manages the terminology database in a professional manner. We are happy clients of Ludejo and continue this fruitful collaboration.

Werner Lierz, Kocarek

We choose Ludejo each time we need a reliable and high-quality translation. We are very satisfied with their quick responsiveness and their Project Managers who are always so kind and willing to help! We’ll always remember a situation when we urgently needed help at 5 PM on Friday and they offered their assistance without a doubt. We really appreciate that we can always rely on them!

Špela Vozel, Translat

Although we haven’t been working with Ludejo for all that long, we’re so impressed with the standard of work they’ve done for us. We often go to them with pretty complex digital marketing related requests and they’re always quick, friendly, professional and most important of all, the quality is excellent.

Sarah Pokorná-Presch, Retro Digital


Do you charge extra for rush translations?2020-05-29T17:24:57+02:00

Yes, rush translations are almost always more expensive than regular assignments. One of the reasons being that often other projects must be postponed to clear capacity. The surcharge for a rush translation can vary and depends on the extent of the rush and whether the translator has to continue working throughout the evening or night in order to finish the job on time.

How do you guarantee the quality of the translations?2021-12-29T12:31:25+01:00

We have a specific procedure for that, which is incorporated in our work process (also see our infographic on this subject). If you send us a request, one of our project managers will collect your information and instructions and may ask questions to ensure that we meet your expectations. We work with a team of in-house translators and proofreaders and/or collaborate with carefully screened external partners in our database. A proofreader will check the translation and before we return the text, one of our QA specialists will perform a quality control test to ensure that the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. We discuss and evaluate our quality measures on a regular basis and continuously improve the process to enhance the performance of our translators.

What are your fees and rates?2020-05-29T17:24:05+02:00

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question just by stating a fee of Y for an X number of words. There are a number of factors that play a part in determining a rate, such as the language combination (certain languages are more expensive than others) or the number of repetitions in the document (repetitions decrease the costs). Feel free to contact us if you wish to request a quote for your specific project!

For which language combinations do you provide translations?2020-05-29T17:23:30+02:00

We translate from and into all European languages, but we are also open to special requests if and when necessary. In addition to an in-house translation team, we also have a worldwide database of reliable partners who can help us handle the more exceptional requests.

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