Translation of text to text in another language

To acquire a wider readership, you need texts that have been translated into the language of the reader. Of course, this has to be done as accurately as possible. Within the EU (European Union), there is an obligation to provide manuals and safety instructions in the language of the recipient. And if you want to go and work in another country or engage people from other language regions for your company, you will obviously want the information to be understood by the reader.

Four people are engaged in our process:

  • a project manager, who listens to what you need and what you would like. Project managers schedule the project and ensure that the deadline is met;
  • a translator, who is a native speaker of the target language and has graduated as a translator;
  • a proofreader, who checks the translation;
  • a linguist, who – as a QA (Quality Assurance) specialist – checks the final quality. This includes specific terminology, spelling and grammar, in-text consistency, correct representation of proper nouns and correct punctuation.

Ludejo is ISO-17100 certified, which means that our process meets the quality and knowledge requirements needed for working with confidence on an international level. Our translation team consists of in-house translators, project managers and linguists, who also work with carefully selected freelance translators and freelance proofreaders.

Our translators work on texts in the following fields:

legal, including sworn translations
websites and SEO
tourism and travelling
business communication
art and culture

Do you need an interpreter? We are happy to arrange this for you. We also have access to sworn interpreters. Request a quote for a translation or interpreting assignment here.

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