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Join Our Dynamic Team at Ludejo – Embrace Meaningful Collaboration and Continuous Growth

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Currently, there are no open positions available. However, we encourage you to check back regularly for updates on new opportunities. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future.

Working at Ludejo is about building something meaningful together. As a team, we keep on finding new ways to
work, to improve our processes and develop ourselves, to find fresh solutions for our client’s needs.
A job here will offer you the opportunity to make use of your talents. And if you would like to expand your area of
interest and increase your skills, that is always encouraged. A role is never cast in stone and watching people enjoy
themselves while being part of a team is one of our favourite pastimes.
An enjoyable, positive ambiance is very important. We look for the best in others, and ourselves.
You can read more about the current vacancies below:


What you should know about Ludejo:

Ludejo’s mission:

The provision of information and knowledge in such a way that all people can understand it, regardless of what educational levels they have, what culture they come from, what religion they profess, which disabilities they have, or what language they speak.

Social profit

A zebra company does not aim for exponential growth but for sustainable profitability.
A zebra company is profitable but does not forget its social mission.
Zebra companies do not strive for a monopoly but for a collective output that is as high as possible. And they join forces in their efforts to achieve this.

“Ludejo was built on a foundation of love. We love what we do, we love our customers and we love our team. We love to discover new solutions, new ideas and new possibilities. We are not afraid to use unconventional methods to help our customers. We are socially engaged and never lose sight of the human element in the midst of everything. We are partners. This love is our motivation.”

Malon Hamoen-Giraldi – founder and CEO

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