What Makes a Multilingual Website the Best Investment in Your Company?

Are you planning on taking your company international? If so, a multilingual website and multilingual content are going to be an absolute must. 

9 out of 10 consumers prefers making purchases in their native language

Data gathered by research company Nimdzi indicates an 18% increase in global e-commerce revenue in 2019. They expect this growth will continue to build up even further in 2020. Those are some pretty convincing numbers. A little side note though: this data is only representative for entrepreneurs who take into account their target audience’s native language. The same study shows that 9 out of 10 consumers will ignore a product if it is not presented to them in their native language. In short, an untranslated website results in a 90% loss in potential customers.

What makes having your website translated (and localised) an absolute must?

A multilingual website is a crucial component in optimising your chances on the international market. However, for that to be the case, your content will need to be clear. A study by the Google Consumer Barometer revealed that over 40% of consumers is bothered by poorly translated online content. That’s not what we want, now is it? High-quality multilingual online content will prevent these annoyances from occurring and will make your website more accessible to a wider audience. Besides, a positive user experience is an important factor in gaining potential customers’ trust. 

But you’re not quite there yet. An accessible, translated website is Step 1, but then what’s Step 2? Making sure your new customers can actually locate your website. That’s where Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, comes into play. It’s quite a challenge to keep your head above water without some good SEO. It’s a powerful tool that’ll enhance your online visibility. Just imagine how many more international customers you could reel in with multilingual content that Google can index.

Another matter to keep in mind when hoping to introduce your company to new markets, is localisation. Localisation focuses on adapting a product or service (in this case a website) in order for it to suit a country’s language and culture. The entire user experience is adjusted to fit your new audience. Localisation requires specific knowledge about your new target audience’s language and culture. Mistakes are easily made, which is something I expect you’ll want to avoid. The last thing you want is a website that undermines your credibility as an entrepreneur. 

The aforementioned reasons alone are reason enough to have your website translated and localised by an experienced translation agency. Translation is an art as well as a science. Not everyone who can speak multiple languages is capable of producing a useful translation. We know it’s always better to work with a professional when it comes to matters like this.  We ensure that your content is being translated by someone with the appropriate and necessary cultural and linguistic knowledge. 

How can we help you?

We’re here to provide you with translated and localised versions of your online content. Ludejo has got the whole package. Everything you need to customise your website’s user experience for your new target audience. Our team of in-house translators and marketing professionals are happy to help you develop a SEO-proof website that’ll lead to more leads (ha!) and new customers. 

Having us translate your content not only saves you time, but also ensures that the job is done properly. We double-check every translation before delivery for any possible errors. First by a reviewer, and again by one of our QA specialists. 

Are you ready to take your company to the next level? A new market, including each of the new chances and possibilities it brings? Contact us via pm@ludejo.eu or by filling in the contact form. Our dedicated team is always ready to help.

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