Mission as a Zebra Company

What is a Zebra company?

A zebra company is both black and white – it is both profitable AND it works to improve society. In this way, zebra companies are defined as having a “double bottom line.” This business model is framed as an alternative to the disrupting and profit-focused “unicorn” model. As happens in life and sciences, some​ entrepreneurs had already embarked on this journey before the term ​even ​existed. Malon Hamoen-Giraldi, the founder of Ludejo, is one of them.

The 6 ‘Ps’ of a zebra company:

  1. Person
    Every team member is equally important. Roles are less defined, and people can choose ​for ​themselves in what direction they want to grow and how they want to deploy their talents and skills.
  2. People
    What impact do we have on society? Can we contribute to a more positive world, in which more people get equal opportunities? We are happy to do so! For example, we do not work for the ​military–industrial complex​.
  3. Planet
    We do the best we can to preserve this planet and handle it with due care. We do not work for large-scale polluters and take the train as much as possible when travelling abroad. Ecosystems, cooperation to preserve them and finding sustainable solutions: that is what we attach practical value to.
  4. Purpose
    Ludejo was founded on the basis of good intentions. It is important for a zebra company to create long-term added value instead of responding to short-term effects. We align the intentions as far as possible with the impact we make.
  5. Prosperity
    Making a profit is not the main objective but only the means for achieving sustainable goals. We invest part of our profit in charitable, sustainable, social objectives. We are financially independent, which enables us to take autonomous decisions about the allocation of our profit.
  6. Partnership
    The last ‘P’ stands for Partnership. Zebras are gregarious animals; we collaborate with other zebras to achieve a shared objective.

The Mission of Zebra Company

Being a zebra company ​is fully reflected in a company’s ​mission. A corporate mission often includes a growth or economic aspect. For example​: “Our mission is to help customers increase their turnover and become market leaders.” A zebra company does not take a vertical view of the world but a broad one. The guiding principle is: What impact does our company have and what contribution can we make to a more beautiful, better world?

A zebra is neither black with white stripes nor white with black stripes. Instead of earning as much money as possible for the shareholders or being a social entrepreneur, a zebra company is somewhere in the middle. By ​deploying their own​ talents and skills, money is made that benefits all parties involved in the company (not only the shareholder or shareholders). At the same time, there are partnerships, and sometimes the company engages in barter trade, and part of the sales generated are donated to society or to the planet. This way, everything keeps flowing, in both material and immaterial respects.

Ludejo’s mission:

The provision of information and knowledge in such a way that all people can understand it, regardless of what educational levels they have, what culture they come from, what religion they profess, which disabilities they have, or what language they speak.

Social profit

A zebra company does not aim for exponential growth but for sustainable profitability.
A zebra company is profitable but does not forget its social mission.
Zebra companies do not strive for a monopoly but for a collective output that is as high as possible. And they join forces in their efforts to achieve this.

“Ludejo was built on a foundation of love. We love what we do, we love our customers and we love our team. We love to discover new solutions, new ideas and new possibilities. As a team we are not afraid to use unconventional methods to help our customers. As individuals we are socially engaged and never lose sight of the human element in the midst of everything. We are partners. This love is our motivation.”

Malon Hamoen-Giraldi

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