How we do what we do!


Do you translate into all languages?

Yes. We translate into all major languages. We have trusted partners all around the world to help us handle any more obscure requests.

Do you offer content creation in all languages?

No. At the moment we offer Dutch and German with limited English and French content creation.

Pricing & Rates

What are your rates? (How much will this cost me?)

Answering a question about rates isn’t as clear cut as saying we charge X for X number of words. There are a number of factors which need to be taken into account when calculating the cost of a translation, including:

  • The language needed. Some languages are more expensive to translate into than others. This can be due to the limited availability of qualified translators or the time required.
  • The number of repetitions in the document. If a document has the same word or group of words more than once, this can be counted as a repetition. Repetitions in a text reduce the costs of a translation.

If you would like to get a precise quotation for your specific project, please contact us!

Do you charge extra for urgent assignments?

Urgent assignments almost always cost more than regular translations. One reason for this is that other projects frequently have to be put on hold in order to free up the necessary capacity.

Moreover, translators often have to work faster in order to complete assignments of this nature. Naturally, this comes at a price. The surcharge for urgent translations can vary. This depends in part on whether the translator has to work during the evening or into the night to complete the job on time.


Which files formats can you handle?

We handle most file formats. Sometimes we might need to prepare the files slightly before translation. We have technical partners that can help with this. They will find the most time-efficient and cost-efficient solution for your text.

How do you ensure the quality of translations?

At Ludejo we strive to ensure consistent quality translation through a number of essential checkpoints. Before the translation begins, our experienced project managers communicate with the client to ensure their needs and desires are understood.

This information is transferred to our dedicated team of translators and editors. Once the translation has been completed, it is sent to a second translator to be reviewed. This step is crucial. No matter how fluent a person can write, it always helps to have a second pair of eyes to pick up on small mistakes which can occur naturally.  Before the translated file is returned to the client, a quality assurance step is performed to ensure the “I’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed.

We conduct weekly quality audits on delivered translations which look at accuracy (minimising changes in intended meaning and errant additions or omissions of content), fluency (detecting errors at a grammar and spelling level to ensure comprehension) and style (relating to formal vs. informal tone and compliance with customer instructions and glossaries).

Additionally, we perform regular, ongoing evaluations of individual translators and continue to build and improve tools which boost their performance.

How do you handle privacy of my documents and security of my communications?

Ludejo treats all personal data according to the legislation described in the GDPR.

Turn around time

Social awareness

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