Ludejo’s News

Ludejo’s News

In Tallinn at the T-update end of April, another fundraiser is organized by our team: Wannabe with TWB. We raise funds to support TWB in their fantastic work to make information available for everyone, especially during a crisis. Our mission of inclusion resonates with theirs. Follow our fundraisers on social media!

agenda of events we are going to visit in 2019

Events we plan to visit in 2019. Get in touch and let's meet at the event!

GALA 2019 Munich

Malon and Andrew will be present and highly visible in Munich at the Globalization and Localization Association conference.

Don’t miss Andrew’s presentation “Black Swans and the Rise of the Outsider” on Tuesday 26th at 11.30

T-Update 2019 EUATC – Tallinn

2019 ALC Annual Conference – Washington DC

Association of Language Companies (USA)

LocWorld 40 –  Lisbon – Portugal

ELIA Networking Days  –  The Hague – The Netherlands

Meet Central Europe 2019 – Prague – Czech Republic

TCWorld – Tekom 2019 – Stuttgard – Germany