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Ludejo’s News

The next edition of the phenomenon that is #LocLunch will take place in Nijmegen on the 16th of August. Ludejo’s own marketing manager, Andrew, is the regional ambassador for LocLunch in that region of the Netherlands.

LocLunch in Nijmegen hosted by Andrew
LocLunch in Nijmegen

#LocLunch is a simple concept: meet colleagues and peers outside of the office.

✔️It’s about having lunch together

✔️Everybody pays their own food and drinks

✔️It’s once a month in the second week of the month

✔️It’s inclusive so everybody with an interest in these topics can join

✔️It’s at well-connected place so that as many people can join as possible (not necessarily a fix location)

We are delighted to welcome two new additions to the Ludejo team in Amersfoort!

Introducing new staff members Marjolein and Iris
Iris and Marjolein – new team members at Ludejo.

Marjolein, who hails from North Brabant, has recently started working as an EN-NL translator for Ludejo BV. The move to Amersfoort has taken a little getting used to for this Brabantse girl. (Brabant is a special part of the Netherlands…) Thankfully her colleagues at the office have helped ease the transition and she has taken to Ludejo like a duck to water. Marjolein loves to travel. During her studies (a bachelor in Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and a master of CIW – Writing and Translation at the Free University of Amsterdam) she has visited Copenhagen, Vienna, Dublin and India, to name but a few. America is very much on her bucket list, with the cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas highest up!

Traveling is also high on the list of passions for Iris, the newest addition to the Project Management team at Ludejo. Iris has spent time in Bilbao in Northern Spain, but would also like to visit the US, with New Orleans, Louisiana, the prime destination. In addition to traveling, this incredibly creative ‘jack-of-all-trades’, (she studied interior design in Zwolle, journalism in Utrecht, and attended a practical theatre education in Amsterdam), loves to enjoy the silence and nature after a busy day at work.

Marjolein and Iris, welcome to the team!

We are in the process of finalising our conference schedule for the remainder of 2019. It’s rather frightening to think that we are looking at the start of 2020 already, but these are the realities of the job!

We are incredibly excited about the conferences we have left for 2019. From Elia ND in The Hague, to Meet Central Europe in Prague, to Tekom in Stuttgart and everything in-between, it’s going to be an exhilarating, educational and enjoyable second half of the year!

We hope to see you somewhere sooner rather than later! Check out below for a full list of the conferences that we will be attending!

In Tallinn at the T-update end of April, another fundraiser is organized by our team: Wannabe with TWB. We raise funds to support TWB in their fantastic work to make information available for everyone, especially during a crisis. Our mission of inclusion resonates with theirs. Follow our fundraisers on social media!

agenda of events we are going to visit in 2019

Events we plan to visit in 2019. Get in touch and let's meet at the event!

GALA 2019 Munich

Malon and Andrew will be present and highly visible in Munich at the Globalization and Localization Association conference.

Don’t miss Andrew’s presentation “Black Swans and the Rise of the Outsider” on Tuesday 26th at 11.30

T-Update 2019 EUATC – Tallinn

2019 ALC Annual Conference – Washington DC

Association of Language Companies (USA)

LocWorld 40 –  Lisbon – Portugal

ELIA Networking Days  –  The Hague – The Netherlands

Andrew will be speaking at Translation Forum Russia in St. Petersburg

Meet Central Europe 2019 – Prague – Czech Republic

TCWorld – Tekom 2019 – Stuttgard – Germany

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