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Because your content needs a translation that tells your story

Ludejo is a professional translation company which offers exceptional language services. We have an experienced team and work in accordance with international quality certification standards.

Onze missie: het overbrengen en beschikbaar maken van informatie en kennis die door iedereen begrepen kan worden, ongeacht woonplaats, taalgebied, opleidingsniveau en cultuur.

Onze visie: in 2020 is Ludejo een vernieuwende kwaliteitsaanbieder van vertaaldiensten, inclusief transcreatie, van podcasts (Ludejo Studios) en andere audioproducties en brede contentcreatie, die optimaal gebruik maakt van technologische mogelijkheden of deze helpt ontwikkelen en ingaat op de actuele vraag van (toekomstige) klanten.

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What You Need to Know About Us

As you can see below, Ludejo has grown substantially in the last year. That growth has been achieved through our dedication to quality for our partners and clients. That growth, powered by the trust of our clients, has put us in a position to acquire VMSi, a technical content creation company. We have been lucky enough to meet many wonderful clients, peers, and friends around the world. A highlight of the year for us has to be the fundraiser we organised for Translators without Borders last March in Boston. TWB are a vital organization and we are proud to be in a position where we can use our talents to help advance theirs.

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