Our Team

Our Team

The team, as a whole, can be considered courageous, innovative and eager to collaborate closely with each other. The working atmosphere is so good that our clients can’t help but notice this and indeed benefit from it!


Malon Hamoen – Giraldi

Malon Hamoen – Giraldi: founder of Ludejo, has a passion for transferring information that can be accessed and easily understood by everybody. In fact, the vision for Ludejo became clear after watching and listening to people. Malon has experience in running companies and has been involved in initiating start-ups and independent projects. Always looking for something new, something that is more efficient and will give energy. Language, education, personal development and cultural sciences have her interest, but the essence of everything is the individual as a whole. She believes in fair business and fair leadership.



Nicoline Straub

Nicoline Straub: has worked as an Office Manager for years and stays up-to- date on legal changes. She ensures that everything relating to the team and also in respect of their employment runs smoothly. She follows up on whatever is needed, and ensures that everything is in good order. Since September 2017, Nicoline has taken on the responsibility for Vendor Management. She is always in search of linguists and specialists who deliver high quality work, with whom she discusses contracts for our projects.



Suzanne Schouwerwou

Suzanne Schouwerwou: a project manager who loves to discover new things. Suzanne loves to make the clients happy and to help in maintaining a great relationship. A skilled communicator, she discusses the necessary details with the clients to ensure that all elements of the projects run smoothly.

suzanne@ludejo.eu or pm@ludejo.eu


Annet Klunder

Annet Klunder: takes care of the bookkeeping, and makes sure that everything is correctly recorded and always up-to- date!

For questions about invoices: annet@ludejo.eu


 Donja Ceelie

In September 2017, Donja joined our team. She enjoys ensuring proper management of projects. Donja is a very fast and friendly worker. She has a sharp eye and sees the project as a whole. Before Donja started working at Ludejo, she lived and worked in the United States for two years. She is always cheerful and enjoys working in a team and sharing her knowledge.



Anne Cunningham

Raised bilingual, born in England and after moving to the Netherlands at a young age, she followed her further education here. In October 2017 she started working as a project manager at Ludejo. Anne has a good sense of humour and if something needs to be resolved, she ensures it happens quickly and properly. A go-getter who knows how to tackle things. She is part of the team that ensures, partly in thanks to her, that we can guarantee smoothly running and well-maintained projects for our customers.



Andrew Hickson

Andrew Hickson: entrepreneurial and active. Our Marketing Manager. He is very versatile and thoroughly enjoys doing research. Socially orientated. He loves making new contacts and maintaining his network. Once he is on-board with an idea, he commits completely and puts his heart and soul into connecting people and the message that they are trying to get across.