Our Quality

Quality, for us, is a subject on which we are not willing to make concessions. For that reason, our first step, when we launched in 2017, was to the create a quality control manual. We have adhered to the ISO 9001-2015 standards, so that from day one there is a guarantee of fulfilling the promises that we make to you, the client. Read more


According to research by American social psychologist Dr. David McClelland of Harvard, the people you habitually associate with determine as much as 95% of your success or failure in life.

We believe in openness, fairness, and transparency. We like to share. We love to learn.

Most people are familiar with the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat”, but the vast majority don’t seem to realise that the warning was just half of the tale. There is a lesser known rejoinder which changes, utterly, the message: “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”.

Our unending curiosity is reflected in the groups we associate with and the knowledge that we can find like-minded individuals and groups there.


We believe that our business practises should reflect our individual and collective desire to run a local company in a global market in a way that maximises our contribution to the benefits of society, while minimising the risks and costs.

We believe in fair business. We believe in the transfer of information and knowledge so that it can be available to, and understood by, everyone regardless of location, language field, educational level and culture.

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