Our Quality

Quality, for us, is a subject on which we are not willing to make concessions. For that reason, our first step, after being launched, was the creation of a quality control manual. Once our quality management system is in place, we will submit to an external audit. We have adhered to the ISO 9001-2015 standard, so that from day one there is a guarantee of fulfilling the promises we make to you, the client.

Many different issues fall under the heading “Quality”. One example is: what we say we can do, we will do! Our focus on quality can also be seen in how we go about working on your project; carefully and with attention to detail. We listen to our clients. Not just because that’s how it should be, but also because we like to and are genuinely interested in what motivates them and what they need to be successful. This is where we want to add value. Quality is definitely reflected in the way we communicate; we dare to look beyond the obvious and we enjoy doing this together.

In translation and localization, quality also refers to the full-stops and commas, what the text looks like and how the sentences flow, while still retaining the meaning of the overall message. For this, we have proofreaders (reviewers) and excellent translators who have been included in our database for a reason. In addition to this, our project managers are also critical and, before delivery, will carry out a final quality check.

We are continuously developing. We keep an eye on developing trends and how we can respond to them. In fact, we aim to be proactive and also set trends. In this way, we will maintain an awareness of what is happening so that we can contribute to our clients’ ability to expand their business across borders more effectively.

Translation Procedure