Consulting services for local & global success

To drive revenue streams, you need a focused communications strategy. Whether that means getting your website and online store translated and localised for foreign markets, or simply creating a unified brand specific mission and vision, we can help you.

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Boston Conference Photography, Brian Phillips 2018


We offer a range of consulting services to help you succeed locally, and globally. We have more than 25 years of experience working with small and medium sized enterprises, and indeed larger multinational companies, across a wide variety of industries and markets. Our consulting team draws on that experience and through getting to know you, and your specific situation, we are able to help design pragmatic solutions for complex operational issues. Whether you are just entering new markets, simply in a rut, want to make the jump to a new market, or already have a vast multinational organisation, Ludejo can help you identify the best strategy for your long-term growth and success.






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