SEO translation

This may be a silly question, but does your company have a website? Surely!

With a website you can reach people far beyond your own immediate environment, of course. We are used to the fact that every company can be found via a website. However, being found by clients can still be a challenge sometimes. If your company name is well known, it is usually not a problem. However, if your potential market conducts a search based on content, or on what they need, it can very quickly become a bit of a maze.

Obviously, you do not want your site to be untraceable! That would be a missed opportunity, to say the least. To stay discoverable by the largest search engines, your site must comply with ever-changing rules. The writing of web texts therefore always takes place with the discoverability in mind. Additionally, texts must continue to read smoothly, with no concessions made to their fluency.

How can we help?

  • If you already have a key-word list, we can integrate it during the translation phase, in accordance with the most recent rules of the search engine. We do this in multiple languages;
  • If you do not yet have a list of key-words, we can provide it for you by performing key-word research. This is a service we only offer in Dutch.

Keyword Research

We provide a list of words, sentences, and phrases that can be used for a translation that must be done. These words and phrases can also be integrated into new texts or can be used in the adaptation of existing texts.

Once we have compiled this list, we measure how often a specific word of phrase is sought in the search engine. We also measure how expensive it is to advertise in the required search engine with these words.

When it comes to the offer of keyword research services, we are very selective. It is crucial that the people conducting the research have specific knowledge of the Dutch market in the specific industry in question. We use ‘ranking software’ applications, which measure how many people have searched for a particular word or, as often happens, a certain phrase or a whole sentence.

Momentarily, we can only offer this service for the Dutch market. We are expanding our capabilities, but we do not think it is good enough to make a promise without the explicit knowledge that we will be able to fulfil this promise. As soon as we dare to do so, we will let you know immediately!

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