This is an entirely different ball-game. This is also about getting a message across but merely translating it won’t do the trick.


Let’s use a fruit juice producer as an example. The producer supplies to the North German market. The advertising campaign is well thought through and they have a great slogan: “Our delicious fruit juice always brings the sun into your house!” After some time, they expand their market to cover different European countries and eventually expand to West Africa.

The slogan can of course be translated, but it also needs to be localized. However, while moving into the average West-African market, we must become aware that our current slogan will need to be re-evaluated if we are to convince any locals.

…or rather refreshing?

This is where transcreation is necessary: we step into the shoes of our clients and search for what we really need to convey; a feeling, a great feeling. Something the consumer can relate to. The slogan should be transcreated as: “Our delicious fruit juice is like a refreshing shower!”. In this way, the effectiveness of the message is guaranteed!