E-learning: what is it, and why do you need it?

E-learning. Waarschijnlijk heb je de term wel eens voorbij horen komen. De laatste paar jaar is de populariteit van deze onderwijsmethode (want dat is het in feite) enorm gegroeid. Ook in het bedrijfsleven. Dit komt voor een groot deel door de toenemende globalisering, maar ook omdat bedrijven door het inzetten van e-learning veel tijd en geld kunnen besparen. Voordat ik dieper inga op de voordelen van e-learning, eerst een wat uitgebreidere definitie.

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What, in the name of Jean-Luc Picard, are conlanguages?!”

The reasons for designing a conlanguage vary: some conlanguages were created to serve as a non-political language in order to stimulate communication between people from different cultural backgrounds (like Esperanto). Others were designed for artistic purposes, functioning as supporting elements of imaginary worlds (like Na’vi, the language of Pandora).

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Should you subtitle or dub your next video project?

Subtitling and dubbing both have their pros and cons, and each method addresses a specific public. Deciding which method is most suitable to your aims can be tricky. At Ludejo, we can provide you with advice and guidance to help you pick the right method. Also, our dedicated team can help you with the localisation and transcreation of video and audio files, whether it be by subtitling or dubbing.

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With Great Power for Translators without Borders – a Ludejo fundraiser for TWB – Postponed Until September 2020

"With Great Power for TWB" will be a Comic-Con-themed event to raise funds and attention for Translators without Borders at GALA 2020 in San Diego. San Diego is the home of Comic-Con, and each year the city plays host to the largest comic and pop culture festival in the world! To that end, the Ludejo fundraiser for TWB will embody the spirit of Comic-Con and embrace the city of San Diego! The event will consist of a Comic-Con themed party at Border X Brewing in San Diego on the evening of Tuesday 17th of March, after the traditional GALA Happy Hour.

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